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Eggs are primarily laid in March but nesting can occur from October through May.

The female lays six to eight eggs over a one-week period. At hatching, the young owls are covered with white downy feathers and have their eyes closed.

A: The fence protects the owls from disturbance and their burrow is in an irrigation swale on the school property. ABOUT BURROWING OWLS The burrowing owl is a pint-sized bird that lives in open, treeless areas.

They need to nest in areas above the flood level and the area closest to the road is most suitable for them. The burrowing owl spends most of its time on the ground, where its sandy brown plumage provides camouflage from potential predators.

Unlike most owls, burrowing owls are active during both day and night.Burrows extend 4 to 8 feet underground and are lined with materials such as grass clippings, feathers, paper, and manure.Burrowing owls mainly eat insects, especially grasshoppers and beetles.Historically, the burrowing owl occupied the prairies of central Florida.Recently, these populations have decreased because of disappearing habitat while populations in south Florida coastal areas have increased due to modification of habitat by humans.

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