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It teaches universal brotherhood among all men of all religious faiths.

It is upon this platform of universal brotherhood that Freemasonry unites men of every country, sect and opinion.

As long as you believe in God and you are a man of good moral stature, you are an eligible petitioner to Freemasonry. They have levels of secrets which are not divulged to those who are at lower levels.

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Indeed, reliable data indicate that since the inception of a national refugee program, not a single American was killed in a terrorist attack committed by a refugee.

27, requires the government to review the feasibility of suspending the Visa Interview Waiver Program.

This program allows travelers from 38 countries to renew travel authorizations without an in-person interview.

NASW applauds the thousands of protestors who inundated major airports nationwide to show support for and solidarity with the refugees who were at risk for denied entry.

We also applaud the many volunteer attorneys who worked to put a temporary halt to implementing the executive order. Korematsu did not end his fight for immigrant and refugee rights after the internment camps were closed.

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    The important thing is to start having these discussions, and get the members mobilized and committed to remain in the union!