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Aelred’s “spiritual friendship.” 2) The New Homophiles seem willing to accept exclusive “chaste, gay couplehood” under the rubric of St.

Aelred’s “spiritual friendship.” 3) The New Homophiles advocate for What ought a reader of St. He’s the head of a twelfth-century Cistercian monastery and is writing for an audience of monks for their spiritual benefit.

The idea that nothing counts besides a penis going into a vagina has led to a brilliant bit of rules-lawyering by teens who want to get around pesky “virginity pledges” or religious restrictions against pre-marital sex by referring to “technical” virginity.Perhaps that’s enough to make their friendship “beautiful”—but what makes a friendship Rewind the clock back beyond World-War-II Morocco to a twelfth-century Cistercian abbey of Rievaulx in North Yorkshire, England, and you’ll find an answer. Aelred, now known to some as the “gay abbot of Rievaulx” and author of a notable work titled Well, no direct evidence at all, actually. Aelred had same-sex attraction, thus causing some “gay-friendly” organizations to refer to him as their patron saint.Enter those whom readers will recognize as the “New Homophiles”—they, too, are partial to St.Aelred’s understanding of genuine (spiritual) friendship, its testing and forming, and its “consummation” which can only be realized among the “perfect” (those who achieve abiding spiritual progress toward that deep union with God).Just as authentic Christian spiritual perfection regarding union with God transcends the temporal by giving the “perfect” a foretaste of the eternal Beatific Vision, so too spiritual friendship is reality for those united in this friendship.

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