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We flew in over the Grand Tetons and couldn’t believe how spectacular the view was that surrounded us.

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My friend and I enjoyed some great conversations and dinners that weekend and on the trip back to Phoenix.

My friend could not thank me enough for suggesting this destination.

It was a wonderful time and just the type of trip we were looking for, a relaxed stress-free atmosphere, cool and comfortable weather and an amazing photo-op for amateur photographers. Third Prize: Yvonne Moore My Best Weekend Getaway Ever was actually the beginning of how I became a “Singular.” My husband at the time and I were in a major rut in our marriage, in a deeply unhappy place but still together.

” Third place goes to Yvonne Moore (screen name: caligirl) who lives in Encino and is a website programmer.

Yvonne wins a Wonderful Room Weekend at the W valued at 8. I love the W hotels and have always wanted to check out the Scottsdale area. ”First Place: Brandy Sprunger I had a great guy friend who I had a crush on for years, but both of us were in relationships, so both of us were unavailable.

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