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We went to the homes of people who were humiliated and impoverished by the regime, to see how they live.

The difficulty lies in finding the right does of these elements, knowing when to stop and not allowing yourself to get too caught up by the emotions.

A lot of the "modern" eastern European movies try very hard to be so soul searching, so psycho-dramatic, as if they are on a mission to turn and twist their bewildered audience in the hope of some intellectual and metaphysical gratification (or maybe just the hope of a Palme D' Or).

Radu Mihaileanu is the master of story telling, touching souls in the best way possible, really.

How do you think the film will be received in Moscow? I was terrified, especially about the line that the director of the Parisian theatre says: “Russians are like mules, to make them keep moving you have to hit them over the head". I know that snobbish critics don’t love Tchaikovsky because they consider the emotions to be too vulgar.

But I think he’s the very soul of Slavic sensibility and of my film.

Another aspect of your films is the speed with which events happen… Which are grandiose but the rivers beneath them run very slowly…. But the film doesn’t criticize it, I just wanted to pay homage to the great tradition of Russian music.

Yes you can pick faults, like with most movies, but if you really pay attention and let you and your feelings move with the flow of the movie, you will be in for a great soul experience.

The inaccuracies, the factual errors won't matter anymore.

also centres on the theme of positive imposture; the creation of an over-the-top “fake” (a train of deportees or an orchestra) in order to rewrite history.

The idea probably comes from the director’s own life story: "This is a theme that pervades me despite everything.

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