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After the meeting, Deacon O’Toole emails them a questionnaire, asks them to work on it a piece at a time and makes himself available to answer questions.

He knows what information the tribunal needs to make its determination, so if areas are vague or need more explanation, “I’ll prompt you to fill in more details,” he reassures.

[Updated July 24; see editors' note and corrections at article's end.] CHICAGO — Deacon Patrick O’Toole remembered how far away he felt from the Church 17 years ago.

He went through the process to obtain a declaration of nullity, commonly referred to as an annulment; and then, several years later, he married in the Church.The most recent Vatican clarification of the law was the 2005 instruction .These cases can involve things such as whether mental illness, sexual abuse, traumas or addiction to drugs, alcohol or sex render a person incapable to consent to or live out marriage.Now, Deacon O’Toole helps prepare people to go through the annulment process as part of his special ministry to divorced Catholics in the Diocese of Springfield, Ill.“Generally, I begin the process with our theology of marriage: why we believe what we believe and why the Catholic Church recognizes marriage between two Christians — just like baptism — as a sacrament, whether their denomination would call it that or not,” he said.

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