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That motion was dropped early on in the case, which was otherwise successful.

We approached Martin for comment on these allegations by Fogarty against her, showing her the screenshots you can see above, and also asked whether RCL has any intention of delivering the Vega .

Furthermore, shortly before this decision was made Mr Fogarty admitted to both doxxing, trolling and that a number of accounts were set up on his company, Creative Spectrums server.

Given our zero tolerance policy on on (sic) such matters we dispensed with him.” A November 2016 court action brought against RCL by former shareholders Paul Andrews and Chris Smith to stop Levy from unilaterally taking over their combined 50 per cent shareholding also contained, at the outset, a legal attempt to stop Fogarty from abusing Andrews and Smith.

In a statement she insisted was attributed to RCL chairman Dr David Levy, who also specialises in sex robots, she told us: "Firstly Lee Fogarty was never a spokesperson for Retro Computers Limited and he has made a number of misleading damaging and false statements about which he was warned on several occasions.

This is is (sic) just one of the reasons we ceased to have him work for us.

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